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Pixmore Junior School

Family Support


At Pixmore, we feel building positive relationships with families is critical to our pupils' success at school. We have a pastoral Key Worker team who are passionate about supporting children and families.

Sue Willans leads our Family Support work across the school supported by Dan King (Years 3/4) and Nicola Bendon (Years 5/6). Should you need any support, please don't hesitate to email or call to speak to Sue, Dan or Nicola on 01462 620555.

Below are links to external support groups that have worked successfully with many of our families. The links will take you to their webpages where you can find parent support groups, parent workshops, useful information, contact details and helplines.

Sue Willans, Assistant Head, SENDCO & Family Support Lead
Sue Willans, Assistant Head, SENDCO & Family Support Lead
Dan King, Key Worker & Family Support Worker (Yr3/4)
Dan King, Key Worker & Family Support Worker (Yr3/4)
Nicola Bendon, Key Worker & Family Support Worker (Yr5/6)
Nicola Bendon, Key Worker & Family Support Worker (Yr5/6)


Please come into school, or call the office and ask to speak with Mrs Inman, Mrs Willans, or a member of the pastoral team if you need to talk about a bereavement in the family or wider community. We are able to offer support in school, and can also refer families to a range of orgnisations at this difficult time.

Local support:

Stand by me – local charity –

Cruse Bereavement Care

We offer free, confidential counselling and reassurance. Call 01707 278389 to speak to one of our trained support workers.


If you need help or don’t know where to turn, we can answer your questions, support you and put you in contact with the right people.

Our offices are open 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday. Call 0300 123 4044 to speak to a member of our team. 

Other organisations which offer bereavement support:

  • – Child/Adolescent Bereavement Support.
  • – Advice when supporting someone with autism cope with a death.
  • – Supports families and professionals when a child is bereaved or facing bereavement.
  • – Childhood bereavement.
  • – Free national telephone helpline for children and young people.
  • – All aspects of bereavement.
  • – Helps bereaved children & young people rebuild their lives.
  • – Specifically for young people aged 12-18. – Confidential emotional support for children, young people & adults.
  • – Provides resources & support for those dealing with suicide, depression or distress – particularly teenagers & young adults.
  • – Grief support service for children and young people.
  • – Providing support for parents & families whose baby is stillborn or dies soon after birth.
  • – Discussing the issues teenagers face.
  • – Support for families bereaved by suicide.
  • – Those who are left behind after a suicide can be helped by talking to others who have experienced a similar loss.
  • – peer-peer network for those widowed before their 51st birthday
  • – Help for grieving children and their families.