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Pixmore Junior School

Art & Design

The over-arching aim of art at Pixmore, is to foster an enjoyment of being creative. Throughout their time here, pupils will have opportunities to express their creativity through a variety of projects which help to develop key skills that they can use across the subject and in other areas of the curriculum.

 These skills will include:

  • drawing the human figure and facial features with increasingly accurate positioning and proportion
  • observing and drawing real life objects, selecting from a range of different grades of pencil to achieve texture, tone and form
  • colour mixing including changing tone
  • using different medium with increased control and to create different effects (watercolours, chalk pastels, oil pastels)
  • critically evaluating their own work and that of others.
  • expressing their own opinions about famous works of art.
  • learning about significant artists, pieces of artwork and artistic movements.

This is not an exhaustive list. The key concepts in covered in Art and Design are outlined below.

Although some children can find art challenging, pupils are encouraged to show independence, initiative and originality to develop their creativity. Some need support, scaffolding and encouragement along the way but the aim is to make children feel ownership over their art and pride in what they have been able to achieve. They will be taught to understand the value of experimentation and working beyond their comfort zone in order to discover and develop their creativity. They will be taught to realise that creative practise can often be challenging but can lead to a great sense of reward.


We aim to foster a love of art through, among others, providing children with opportunities to work with visiting artists, entering national, local and school art competitions and attending our school run art club. We also work with The Broadway Gallery and the Heritage Foundation in Letchworth to provide further cultural opportunities for the children.


An Arts Week will be held each year to promote the arts and further foster a love of the subject. Art produced during the week is displayed so that the children’s successes can be celebrated.


Our excellence in Art teaching has been acknowledged through the Arts Council via The Arts’ Mark. As a school we will continue to develop our teaching of The Arts’ and will seek to uphold our Arts’ Mark when we have to re-submit our application and further progress to the Gold Award.