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Letchworth Garden City

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Pixmore Junior School

Design Technology


At Pixmore, children will be taught Design Technology as a discrete subject and through learning in STEM subjects (particularly Science and Computing).

They will be given the opportunity to work in pairs or individually on projects which guide them through the design process – design brief, market research, focused practical tasks, initial planning of ideas, finalising ideas (occasionally making a prototype), making, user testing and evaluating. They will be taught about different technical systems including pneumatic and electronic systems. They will be encouraged to practise their Pixmore Learning Powers throughout this process.

The children are encouraged to think of ways to enhance the aesthetic qualities of their products and to think creatively in the designing process.

All children are taught to work safely with a range or equipment including junior hacksaws, syringes and hot glue guns.

Evaluation/self-assessment at the end of each project enables the children to think reflectively about their work.