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Pixmore Junior School


At Pixmore we strive to support all learners to become competent, safe and independent users, explorers and creators of technology in order to prepare them for future jobs and wider communication. This supports the school’s curriculum aim: ‘Include, achieve, inspire’. 

Pixmore's computing curriculum  has been designed and developed to build on what has come before, using research informed teaching strategies that foster and develop a deep understanding and mastery of the computing curriculum. Learning is designed to incorporate the three main strands of the computing curriculum helping children develop an understanding of the nature and purpose of their digital world; and how it effects their lives.

Computer Science- Learning how computers and computer systems work and how they are designed and programmed.

Information Technology- The purposeful use of existing programs to develop products or solutions to problems.

Digital Literacy- Developing the skills, knowledge and understanding to participate fully and safely in an increasingly digital world.

Throughout our whole curriculum we try to make as many links as possible with computing learning enabling pupils to use the skills learnt in discrete computing lessons in a range of real life, practical situations. 

Digital Leaders in each year group take on the responsibility of helping promote the development of digital literacy skills through online safety assemblies, activities and competitions.