Rushby Mead
Letchworth Garden City

01462 620555

Pixmore Junior School



Our mission:

Include, achieve, inspire

Pixmore is a fun and safe school where:

  • Ready to learn - We inspire a love of learning to create inquisitive thinkers, diligent learners, creative individuals and responsible citizens through a broad, engaging curriculum that focuses on each child's needs.
  • Respect – we respect ourselves and others, the school around us and our local community; we accept individuality and celebrate culture and diversity.
  • Safe - We believe that happy children who feel safe at school and at home are best engaged in learning. We work in a calm, friendly and safe environment where courtesy, common sense and respect for others are expected. We follow the Pixmore Way to guide us and help keep ourselves and others safe.

We expect high standards in all aspects of school life, including attitudes towards learning and other people, academic achievement and the presentation of work and oneself.

Pixmore has a positive culture where relationships are key to success; we actively encourage the development of healthy, safe relationships through consideration and tolerance, learning self-discipline and respect for others and our school. We all follow the Pixmore way.

We are committed to creating an inclusive, interesting and inspiring environment with a curriculum rich in opportunities for all:

  • Enjoy your success and feel appreciated
  • Take part in engaging and memorable activities
  • Practice Pixmore's Learning Powers (PLP)
  • Build safe and satisfying relationships
  • Research, explore and solve problems
  • Think analytically and reflectively
  • Master skills in all subjects
  • Achieve high standards
  • Have ownership and choices within your learning
  • Celebrate individuality