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It is in everybody’s interest that concerns and complaints are resolved as swiftly as possible.  Many issues can be resolved informally, without needing to escalate to the formal stages of the complaints process. Pixmore Junior School takes concerns seriously and we will make every effort to resolve matters as quickly as possible.

If you have difficulty discussing a concern with a particular member of staff, we will respect your views.  In such cases, you will be referred to another staff member.  Similarly, if the member of staff directly involved feels unable to deal with your concerns, you will be referred to another staff member.  The member of staff may be more senior but does not have to be.  The ability to consider the concern objectively and impartially is the most important factor.

Pixmore Junior School understands however, that there are some occasions when people only wish to raise their concerns formally.  In such instances, the School will attempt to resolve the issue(s) internally, through the stages outlined in our complaints policy and procedures. 

2023-24 Complaints Policy

2023 Whistleblowing Policy