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Letchworth Garden City

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Pixmore Junior School


If your child requires medication to be administered during the school day, please ensure that it si brought to the school office by and ADULT and signed in with clear instructions on how it should be administered.

If it needs to be collected at the end of the day, please collect from the school office.


Please do not send ANY medications including throat lozenges with your child. These will be confiscated by adults and taken to the office for an adult to collect.


If your child has an asthma inhaler and care plan or an epi-pen, please ensure there are two of these in school (one for your child's classroom and one for the school office). These need to be in-date and it is the parent's responsibility to ensure that inhalers and epi-pens are replaced and in school. On school trips and when children go on visits or sporting events, they MUST have their inhaler or epi-pen with them in case of emergencies.