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Welcome to Pixmore Junior School

We are all very proud of our school and hope that you will come to share that feeling with us.  Through this website we have tried to set out a view of life at Pixmore, the activities and opportunities that are available to the children and practical points of procedure that you will need to know.

- Mrs Alex Evans, Headteacher

Latest News & Blogs

County Champions 2015!!
Headteacher Blog
On Tuesday 17th March 2015 the schools Indoor Athletics Team competed at the county games representing North Herts, this was a fantastic achievement for both the boys and girls team!! Twelve other schools representing twelve other districts took part in the county games. Pixmore Junior School went head to head with middle schools, girls schools and bigger primary schools during the day. The event was split into two category’s Boys U11 and Girls U11, both teams start...
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Netball Match
Sport Reports
Hartsfield and Pixmore went head to head in an adrenaline packed match full of anticipation. They played their hardest and used their strengths and weaknesses to the best but they did not triumph. Kacy, Daisy and Emily claimed that regarding the match they felt confident and experienced and kept their hopes up cheerfully. Teamwork and marking were definitely their strong point and were the key to their fabulous and testing match for the opponent.   Well done,...
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Netball Match
Sport Reports
On the 10th March 2015 our fabulous netball team took part in a rousing match which tested all of their well developed skills. This was a home game Vicky our wing defence stated that her motivation was the English netball team because they always play with precision, confidence and use a wide range of passes. There were nerves however they soon became familiar with the atmosphere of the pitch and grew in confidence and strength leading them to an impressive win of 6...
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Boys Football Team
Sport Reports
On the 9th March our brilliant boy’s football team played an exciting match against St Johns away. We spoke to Daniel and Theo for details on this impressive match Daniel said “My motivation was my passion for football and Mr Willard’s support” Theo then said that "The teams strenghths were strong passing to find space." Even though they played immensely well after unfortunate events they sadly didn’t win. The thrilling head to head match had the boys feeling anxiou...
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Girls Football Tournament
Sport Reports
Our excellent girls’ football team secured an astonishing second place in a tournament at Knights Templar School on Thursday 5th of March. They played ultimately well and with Pixmore pride and brought home shiny silver medals for the whole team! Our interviewee, Amber, who scored an impressive goal stated: “The matches were thrilling and exhilarating which reminded me why I loved football so much. Also I thought that our teams’ strong point was making space as Mr W...
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