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Welcome to Pixmore Junior School

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We are all very proud of our school and hope that you will come to share that feeling with us.  Through this website we have tried to set out a view of life at Pixmore, the activities and opportunities that are available to the children and practical points of procedure that you will need to know.

- Mrs Alex Evans, Headteacher

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Year 4
20 October 2016 07:08
Class Blogs
Year 4 Blog
My friends are Elise Lily Leo Isis Millle Lea Himal Grace Awa Lucy Dock     This Pixmore flag my class is miss ward teach us about anicent egypt and gods like isis trefnut anbis ra...
Year 4
20 October 2016 02:26
Class Blogs
  GODDESESS     Isis was a goddesess and Cleoparta worshships Isis did you know   Tefnud is the goddess of rain (even though egypt didn't have much)
Year 4
20 October 2016 02:23
Class Blogs
nut: isis's sister she ruled the sky,stars and the moon. hourus:god of war sky and falcons. isis: she was the god of healing, magic and marrage. Osiris:god of underworld and afterlife. Anubus:God of death....
Year 4
20 October 2016 02:19
Class Blogs
  Isis:Goddess of magic and marrige sister and wife of osiris.   Ra:god of the sun.   Anubis:God of death and son of Osiris.   Horus:god of sky and war.   Osiris:God of the underworld.
Year 4
20 October 2016 02:17
Class Blogs
Anciet Egyptian gods     Some of the gods are:   Ra,Isis,Nut,Mut and Anubis.   Isis is the god of magic, healing and marrige. Nut is the god of the sky. Mut is the god of the afterlife. Anubis is also the god of aftlife. Ra is the god of the sun.     Visit this website to find out more about Ancient Egyptian gods:              ...

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